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Latika Gupta MD, DM
International Social Media Editor for Asia @HPT_Asia

Ihsane Hmamouchi MD, PhD
International Social Media Editor for Africa @HPT_Africa

David Liew FRACP
International Social Media Editor for Australia

Rachel Salas MD, MEd
International Social Media Editor for the USA

Charlotte Squires MRCP
International Social Media Editor for the UK

Ken Redekop PhD
Editor-in-Chief, Health Policy and Technology

Donald Singer
BMedBiol, MD, FRCP, FBPharmacolS
President, Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine
Chair of Advisory Board, Health Policy and Technology

Latika Gupta @LatikaGupta_ is a clinician scientist working as Assistant Professor at SGPGI, a tertiary care teaching hospital in Lucknow, India. She is a dedicated myositis researcher (>100 publications) and recently founded Myositis India, a patient support group for patients with this disease. She currently serves as the scientific committee member for the IMACS (International Myositis Assessment and Clinical Studies Group) and Social Media Editor at a number of Rheumatology journals. Dr Gupta is a member of the APLAR Young Rheumatologist social media core committee, and was bestowed a Publons top peer reviewer award in 2020.
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Ihsane Hmamouchi @epirheum is a rheumatologist at Temara Hospital, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco and Associate Professor at Laboratory of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Clinical Research (LERC) at Mohammed V University Rabat. She is founder of EpiRheum.com As a student at Rabat’s Faculty of Medicine, Ihsane quickly found herself looking for a subject that would satisfy both her creativity and curiosity.  Her interest in clinical research led her to undertake a PhD in clinical epidemiology. She was thus able to combine these two fields of predilection, rheumatology and clinical epidemiology. She is very enthusiastic about continually expanding her knowledge and critical thinking in the field of clinical research and all fields of rheumatology. Besides, she enjoys facilitating future collaborations and benchmarking her networking.
Keywords: spondyloarthritis, osteoporosis, imaging, education, clinical epidemiology, outcomes assessment, quality of life, social media.
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David Liew @drdavidliew is a consultant rheumatologist and clinical pharmacologist in clinical practice at Austin Health in Melbourne, Australia where he leads the Medicines Optimisation Service, and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. He has an interest in communicating medical developments through his roles as co-host of the Australian Prescriber Podcast and as deputy editor of Rheumatology Republic, and enjoys working closely with clinician data scientists on clinical-based digital prescribing interventions. 

Rachel Salas @RachelSalasMD is Professor in the Department of Neurology at Johns Hopkins Medicine with a joint appointment in the School of Nursing. She is the Director of the Neurology Clerkship. She earned her medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where she also completed her internship and residency. She is a Past-Chair of the American Academy of Neurology Consortium of Clerkship Directors and the Chair of the Undergraduate Education Subcommittee. Dr. Salas is an appointed member of the Alliance for Clinical Education. She is also the founder and Co-Director of the Osler Apprenticeship Program (in Neurology), a medical education research program for senior medical students, and the PreDoc Program, a premedical college program. She is invested in an interprofessional approach to learning, focusing on teams comprising individuals from different backgrounds and skillsets to enhance patient care. Dr. Salas is a certified strengths coach and uses a strength-based approach and coaching to connect to, support, and develop those involved with her educational mission and clinical practice. She is the director of the Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice for the School of Medicine. Dr. Salas is a Co-Director for Interprofessional Teaming for the High Value Practice Academic Alliance, where she works to promote teamwork through a strengths-based approach. Dr. Salas is a 2019-21 Josiah Macy Scholar and a 2019-20 AMA Health Systems Science Scholar.

Charlotte Squires @charsquires is a specialist trainee in Geriatric Medicine in South East Scotland. Professional roles include serving as Digital Media Editor and Trainee Communications Representative for the British Geriatric Society, sitting on the RCPE Trainee and Members Committee, and as Chief Registrar at Borders General Hospital. She was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2018 and following treatment, has written on topics including clinical communication, patient experience and cancer recovery, for the BMJ, BMJ Opinion, Cochrane, and for Shine, a charity supporting young adults with cancer.

Ken Redekop PhD @dontwaitforit is Editor-in-Chief for the FPM journal Health Policy and Technology. He is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Medical Technology Assessment, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is a clinical epidemiologist with more than 20 years of experience in observational research, clinical trial analysis, and medical technology assessment and an author of over 100 papers in the medical literature. Current studies include early-stage cost-effectiveness analyses of medical devices and tests, RCT-based economic evaluations, economic evaluations in the Diagnostics Assessment programme of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE, UK) and outcomes research studies to determine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of expensive medicines in daily practice. Most studies relate to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, and most involve modelling and evidence synthesis.

Donald Singer @HealthMed is a Clinical Pharmacologist interested in new approaches to personalising medicine and in public understanding of health and drugs. He is a member since 2013 of the Healthcare Professionals’ Working Party of the European Medicines Agency. He advised on safety systems for medicines in Rwanda as a Yale Faculty member in the Human Resources for Health US-AID and CDC supported programme. He is President of the UK Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine, which publishes the Postgraduate Medical Journal (founded 1925) and Health Policy and Technology (founded 2012). He is a former Secretary of the European Association of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics which supports scientific and educational exchange for over 4000 clinical pharmacologists from 34 countries and a former member of the Council of the British Pharmacological Society.

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