New Conference Webinar Series: the Health Policy and Technology journal at 10

To mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Health Policy & Technology journal, we are launching a new online conference webinar series on key themes of national and international interest.

The 5 monthly sessions are all on Tuesdays at 4pm UK time on Zoom:

27th July: Vaccines, Trusted Information and Fake News

24th August: Artificial Intelligence – Improving Health, from Smart Hospitals to Smart Homes

28th September: Equity and Outcomes, Ensuring Fair Access to Healthcare

26th October: Addressing Geopolitical Challenges to the Price of Medicines

23rd November: Climate and Health – why should policy-makers and the public be concerned?

We shall announce further details of the Conference Series in mid-May. Each session will last 90 minutes, starting with a 1 hour international expert panel discussion, followed by short presentations based on peer-reviewed abstracts on the Conference themes.

Abstracts and proceedings will be published in the Health Policy & Technology journal.

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